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Collectively preserving, archiving and sharing the rich history and culture of Los Angeles

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Academy Film Archive

Academy Film Archive
1313 Vine Street
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Contact: Ms. Cassie Blake, Public Access Coordinator
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Archives and Collections

The Academy Film Archive is part of the Academy Foundation, the educational and cultural arm of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Dedicated to the appreciation, study and preservation of our motion picture heritage, the Archive's activities include collection, preservation, documentation, exhibition and research access to films.
The Academy announced its plan to collect motion pictures upon its founding in 1927 and made its first film acquisition two years later, in 1929.

The Archive’s collection now includes over 140,000 items, covering some 70,000 individual titles. Many items within the Archive’s collection relate to the Los Angeles region, including:
• Film and video documenting the history of the Academy and the Academy Foundation, including its public programs, lectures, symposia, and presentations.
• Film, kinescope and videotape of Academy Awards ceremonies extending back to 1949, along with additional news material and special coverage of the awards show.
• Films and film programs associated with the Student Academy Awards – a great number of which originate from Los Angeles film schools.

Ongoing film festival collections, including the Latino International Film Festival and the PXL This! Pixelvision Film Festival

Documentary film holdings include the collection of the International Documentary Association. Many of our documentary holdings feature subjects that are Los Angeles specific.

Visual effects and technical achievements - through submissions for the Academy Awards process the Archive has acquired a substantial collection of visual effects reels, makeup and sound test reels, and film and video documentation of the Academy's Scientific and Technical Awards. Many materials from this collection were produced and crafted in the Los Angeles region.

Home movies and amateur films, particularly those related to the history of Hollywood, the motion picture industry, and the history of the Los Angeles region.

Type of Materials: Films/Videos/Moving Images

Time Periods: 1900-1920, 1921-1949, 1950-1963, 1964-1980, 1981-Present

Languages: English

Sectors of the Population: Artistic Communities, Business, Clubs/Service/Social Organizations, College/University Faculty, Developmentally Disabled, Education, Employment, Gender Specific, Homeless, Labor Unions, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Migrant Workers, Musicians, People with disabilities, Politics/Government, Professional, Religious, Seniors, Sports, Students, TV/Film/Radio, Veterans, Youth, African Descent, Armenian Descent, Asian Descent, European Descent, Jewish Descent, Mexican Descent/Chicano/Latino, Middle Eastern Descent, Native American Descent/Indigenous, Multiethnic, At or Below Poverty Level, Lower to Middle Income, Middle to Upper Income, Highest Income


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